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Ethelbert Nevin

[October 2020.]

La Passione.” Luigi NONO: Djamila Boupacha (1962)1. Franz Joseph HAYDN: Symphony No. 49 in F minor, “La Passione” (1768)2. Gérard GRISEY: Quatre Chants pour Franchir le Seuil (1997-98)3. Barbara Hannigan1,3 (sop), Ludwig Orchestra2,3, Barbara Hannigan2,3 (cond.). Alpha 586 (1 CD) (

Acerbic Nono, then slurpy Romantic Haydn begins a provoking program. But Grisey’s masterpiece is freaky wonderful and could stand alone. YES.

The Bells Bow Down.” Ilari KAILA: The Bells Bow Down (2006)1; Cameo (2015)2; Hum and Drum (2017)3; Wisteria (2003)4; Taonta (2016)5; Jouhet (2017)6. Adrienne Kim1,2,3,5 (pno), Aizuri Quartet1,4,6: Ariana Kim, Miho Saegusa (vln), Ayane Kozasa (vla), Karen Ouzounian (vlc); Isabelle Gleicher2 (fl), Ayane Kozasa2 (vla), Karen Ouzounian3 (vlc). Innova 1036 (1 CD) (

A mostly stringed variety set, Kaila explores quiet gestures as in Jouhet and the title quintet. The cello-piano duet hides surprises. MAYBE.

Klang.” Wolfgang VON SCHWEINITZ: Plainsound String Trio KLANG auf Schön Berg La Monte Young…, Op. 39 (1999-2013). Goeyvaerts String Trio: Fedra Coppens (vln), Kris Matthynssens (vla), Pieter Stas (vlc). Louth Contemporary Music Society LCMS1903 (1 CD) (

Given the cute title, you ought imagine what colorless, just intonation transcriptions of Schoenberg’s harmony examples might sound like. NO.

I N.” Lukas LAUERMANN: Var. comps. Lukas Lauermann (vlc, pno, electronics, etc.). col legno BCE 1CD 16009 (1 CD) (

Post-tonal cellist/doodler Lauermann thinks he is clever to look INwards, but the results are INsipid, INert, INelegant and INsufferable. NO.

Les Forjerons.” Jean-Jacques-Baptiste ANET: Var. Sonatas for Violin and Basso Continuo (1724, 1726). Szabolcs Illés (vln), Kinga Gáborjáni (vlc), Fanni Edőcs (hpsi). Hungaroton HCD 32754 (1 CD) (

Eight multi-movement sonatas reflecting Anet’s studies with Corelli. Enthusiastically realized but perhaps unfamiliar for good reason. MAYBE.

Shadows.” Yann ROBIN: Quatuor à cordes No. 2, “Crescent Scratches” (2011). Raphaël CENDO: In Vivo (2008-11); Quatuor à cordes No. 2, “Substance” (2013). Frank BEDROSSIAN: Tracés d’Ombres (2007). Quatuor Tana: Antoine Maisonhaute, Ivan Lebrun (vln), Maxime Desert (vla), Jeanne Maisonhaute (vlc). Paraty 205146 (1 CD) (

Four strings inhabiting the post-Lachenmann universe with clarity and instantaneous vibrance. So what if these pieces do blend together. YES.


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