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Ethelbert Nevin

[October 2020.]

John ADAMS: Must the Devil Have All the Good Tunes? (2018); China Gates (1977). Yuja Wang (pno), Los Angeles Philharmonic, Gustavo Dudamel (cond.). DG 00028948382897 (1 CD) (

China Gates is brief; this disc runs short. But the concerto (Adams’ 3rd) hums and rumbles, charming and clever, destined for greatness. YES.

Portulan.” Tristian MURAIL: Seven Lakes Drive (2006); Feuilles à travers les cloches (1998); Dernières nouvelles du vent d’ouest (2011); Les Ruines circulaires (2006); Garrigue (2008); Paludes (2011); La Chambre des cartes (2011). Ensemble CAIRN, Guillaume Bourgogne (cond.). Kairos 0015050KAI (1 CD) (

An in-progress glimpse into an ever-evolving collection of intricate chamber pieces with colorful timbres and beguiling acoustic sounds. YES.

Jusqu’à l’aurore.” Thomas WALLY: Caprice (2009); transfiguration (2008); Les îles des nombres III (2 x 12 x 12 x 4) (2019); Soliloquy II: You made your excuses and left. (2017); …jusqu’à l’aurore…: Caprice (IV) bleu (2012); Postscriptum (2 x 11 x 12): The Melancholy of Perfection(ism) (2016). Mondrian Ensemble: Ivana Pirstašová, Thomas Wally (vln), Petra Ackermann (vla), Karolina Öhman (vlc), Tamriko Kordzaia (pno). col legno WWE 1 CD 20448 (1 CD) (

A confounding program of modernist musings for strings and / or piano, however, not specific to these instruments despite erudite motion. NO.

Gustav MAHLER: Symphony No. 7 (1904-05). Minnesota Orchestra, Osmo Vänskä (cond.). BIS BIS-2386 SACD (1 SACD) (

A pleasingly quirky scramble through less familiar Mahler, cobweb free with spot lit details. Looking forward to No. 8 in this series. MAYBE.

Barricades.” François COUPERIN, Robert DE VISÉE, Michel LAMBERT, Marin MARAIS, Marc-Antoine CHARPENTIER, Jean-Henri D’ANGLEBERT, Antoine FORQUERAY, Jean-Philippe RAMEAU: Var. comps. Thomas Dunford (archlute), Jean Rondeau (hpsi), Lea Desandre (m-sop), Marc Mauillon (bar), Myriam Rignol (viola da gamba). Erato 0190295269951 (1 CD) (

Tantalizing but disappointing. A justifiable way to hear these pièces, but why not a complete Suite instead of driblets and excerpts? MAYBE.

Mythos.” Erkki-Sven TÜÜR: Symphony No. 9, “Mythos” (2017); Incantation of Tempest (2014); Sow the Wind… (2015). Estonian Festival Orchestra, Paavo Järvi (cond.). Alpha 595 (1 CD) (

Mythos is a lumbering and out-of-focus edifice. Methinks Tüür has done this all better before, vastly edgier and much more convincingly. NO.


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