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Ethelbert Nevin

 [January 2019.]

[Ex]Tradition: Scottish and Irish Airs, Reels, Jigs, Dances and Variations with Compositions of Carolan.” Var. comps: Var. pieces. The Curious Bards: Alix Boivert (vln), Jean-Christophe Morel (cittern), Sarah van Oudenhove (viola da gamba), Louis Capeille (hrp), Bruno Harlé (fl), Ilektra Platiopoulou (sop). Harmonia Mundi HMN 916105 (1 CD) (

This Baroque quintet plays 18th-century Scottish and Irish traditional music. They’re energetic, warm and familiar, but finely precise. YES.

Jan JÄRVLEPP: Garbage Concerto (1996)1. Imants KALNIŅŠ: Symphony No. 4, “Rock Symphony” (1972)2. Kroumata Percussion Ensemble1: Roger Bergström, Anders Holdar, Leif Karlsson, Anders Loguin, Johan Silvmark (perc), Jackie Short2 (sop), Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Lan Shui (cond.). BIS CD-1052 (1 CD) (

The percussion concerto for recycled garbage is clever and relevant. The tunes and design of Kalniņš’ minimalist symphony still delight. YES.

Franz SCHREKER: Vorspiel zu einem Drama (1914); Der Geburtstag der Infantin: Suite (1923); Romantische Suite, Op. 14 (1903). Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, JoAnn Falletta (cond.). Naxos 8.573821 (1 CD) (

Sturdily built pieces in the rich milieu of R. Strauss and Sibelius’ stage music, but attention will wander absent fizzle and crackle. MAYBE.

Jóhann JÓHANNSSON: Orphée (2009-16). Var. perfs. DG 00289 479 6021 (1 CD) (

A smoldering minimalist pyre fashioned from novice piano etude chords and scraps spiced with scratchy “Numbers Stations” recordings. MAYBE.

Gérard GRISEY: Talea (ou la machine et les herbes folles) (1986)1. Luciano BERIO: Requies (1983-84)2. Daï FUJIKURA: Concerto for bassoon (2012)3. Prague Modern1,2, Pascal Gallois1,2 (cond.), Pascal Gallois3 (bsn), Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony3, Tatsuya Shimono3 (cond.). Stradivarius STR 37031 (1 CD) (

Gallois takes Grisey’s mini-explosions and Berio’s whirling lamentation in stride. As soloist he eagerly navigates Fujikura’s concerto. YES.

Christopher FOX: stone.wind.rain.sun4 (1989); Straight lines in broken times4 (1994); … or just after (1984); Early one morning (2014); Unlocking the grid (2015); Escalation (2003); Headlong (2007); Divisions (1980). Heather Roche (clar). Metier MSV 28573 (1 CD) (

A mighty clarinet bolus best digested slowly. Roche adeptly navigates solos, duets and a trio (of clarinets, tape and/or electronics). MAYBE.


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