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Ethelbert Nevin

[May 2021.]

Boris TISHCHENKO: Concerto for Violin, Piano and String Orchestra, Op. 144 (2006); Dante-symphony No. 3, Op. 123, No. 3, “Hell: Circles 7-9” (2001). Victoria Postnikova (pno), Alexander Rozhdestvensky (vln), String Orchestra of St. Petersburg, Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Gennady Rozhdestvensky (cond.). Fuga Libera FUG702 (1 CD) (

The Rozhdestvensky family in a memorable double concerto and a riveting symphony in a language suggestive of Shostakovich and Schnittke. YES.

Milton BABBITT: Philomel (1964)1. Michael HERSCH: a breath upwards (2014)2. Ah Young Hong1,2 (sop), Gleb Kanasevich2 (clar), Jamie Hersch2 (hn), Miranda Cuckson2 (vla). Innova 986 (1 CD) (

There’s nothing cuddly here. Babbitt’s electronic part sounds fantastic, and Hong glides over Hersch’s bristly Dante and Pound settings. YES.

Christopher Tyler NICKEL: Symphony No. 2 (2016; rev. 2018). Northwest Sinfonia, Clyde Mitchell (cond.). Avie AV2456 (1 CD) (

Pettersson lite, if such a thing can be imagined. An immensely boring 53-minute span which didn’t even rise to the level of pretentious. NO.

Otto Klemperer: Own Compositions, Vol. 3: String Quartets.” Otto KLEMPERER: Two performances of String Quartet No. 3 (1968)1,2; String Quartet No. 4 (1969)3; String Quartet No. 7 (1969)4; String Quartet No. 9 (1970)5. Winterthur Quartett1,3, Philharmonia Quartet2, Bartók Quartet4, Euler Quartet5. Archiphon ARC-WU 152/53 (2 CDs) (

Private archival recordings, suggesting rehearsals or initial readings of Nos. 3 and 4. No. 9 is the least starchy and worth a listen. MAYBE.

Anne-Louise BRILLON DE JOUY: 13 Sonatas (ca. 1760-70). Nicolas Horvath (pno). Grand Piano GP872-73 (2 CDs) (

A Parisian keyboardist who hosted a salon, Madame Brillon knew Benjamin Franklin and wrote flashy if lightweight two-movement sonatas. MAYBE.

Tristan PERICH: Drift Multiply for 50 violins and 50-channel 1-bit electronics (2018-19). Douglas Perkins (cond.). New Amsterdam Records NWAM146 (1 CD) (

Seventy tedious minutes of minimalist violins and/or coarse electronics. Not evident what this is trying to be, but it doesn’t get there. NO.


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