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Ethelbert Nevin

[March 2021.]

Francesco D’AVALOS: Maria di Venosa (1992). Susan Bullock (sop), Hilary Summers (c-alt), Apollo Voices: Ruth Holten, Helen Parker (sop), Robin Blaze (c-ten), Robert Johnston (ten), Christopher Foster (bass), Philharmonia Orchestra and Chorus, Francesco d’Avalos (cond.). Chandos CHAN 10355(2) (2 CDs) (

Gesualdo murdered his first wife. Here’s the lugubrious story scored by a descendant as a grand music drama, occasionally with voices. MAYBE.

Louis COUPERIN: Nouvelles Suites de Clavecin (ca. 1690). Christophe Rousset (hpsi). Harmonia Mundi HMM 902501.02 (2 CDs) (

François’ uncle served extraordinarily well on a museum treasure (from 1652 by Ioannes Couchet) captivatingly presented by Rousset. YES, YES.

Oleg Felzer: Transforming an Ancient Tradition. A Continuum Portrait, Vol. 10.” Oleg FELZER: Sonata No. 1 for Violin and Piano (1993)1; QuartetAzerbaijani” (1971)2; Vestige (1993)3; Sonata for Violin Solo (1978)4; Five Bagatelles for Piano (1984)5; Sonata for Harp (1985)6; Interrupted Song (1998; compl. Faradzh KARAYEV)7. Continuum: Benjamin Hausmann2 (ob), David Gresham3 (clar), Jennifer Rhodes2 (bsn), Gulnara Mashurova6 (hp), Joel Sachs1,5, Cheryl Seltzer2,3,7 (pno), Tom Chiu1,3, Renée Jolles4,7 (vln), Jessica Meyer2 (vla), Joel Sachs2 (cond.). Naxos 9.70258 (1 CD) (

Simultaneously lively and austere, these distinctive pieces reflect the Mugham “traditional professional music” tradition of Azerbaijan. YES.

Albert Roussel Edition.” Albert ROUSSEL: Var. comps. Var. perfs. Erato 0190295489168 (11 CDs) (

11 sides. Maybe too much even for the Roussel devotee. The former navy officer perfected accompaniment as melody among rugged designs. MAYBE.

Works for Violin and Piano.” Alfred SCHNITTKE: Var. comps. Daniel Hope (vln), Alexey Botvinov (pno). Deutsche Grammophon DG 00028948392346 (1 CD) (

Despite evident attention and devotion, humorless Hope has completely missed out on the insidiousness of Schnittke’s ironic temperament. NO.

Claude DEBUSSY: Var. comps. Jean-Philippe RAMEAU: Var. comps. Víkingur Ólafsson (pno). Deutsche Grammophon DG 00028948377015 (1 CD) (

Razor sharp staccato punctuates Ólafsson’s eccentric dispatch of quintessential French pieces. Not suggested for the easily agitated. MAYBE.


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