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Ethelbert Nevin

[February 2021.]

R. Nathaniel DETT: The Ordering of Moses (1932). Latonia Moore (sop), Ronnita Nicole Miller (m-sop), Rodrick Dixon (ten), Donnie Ray Albert (bar), May Festival Chorus, Robert Porco (dir), Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, James Conlon (cond.). Bridge Records 9462 (1 CD) (

The first recording of an overlooked oratorio, tonal with buoyant cinematic colors, light on spiritual citations, and crisply fashioned. YES.

Tower Music.” Joseph BERTOLOZZI: Var. comps. (2016). Innova 933 (1 CD) (

I love the idea of “playing” the Eiffel Tower as a gamelan, but the steady rhythms morph the 1,063 ft. of iron into a boring drum kit. MAYBE.

Alexander MOSOLOV: Symphony No. 5 (1965); Harp Concerto (1939)*. Taylor Ann Fleshman* (hrp), Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Arthur Arnold (cond.). Naxos 8.574102 (1 CD) (

Broken by a labor camp, the once avant-garde Mosolov survived although severely declawed as this pair of meandering pieces sadly reveal. NO.

Archipel.” Mathieu VANASSE: Var. comps. (2019). Innova 038 (1 CD) (

An accomplished scorer of film / TV provides 13 ambient tracks, centering around keyboard. Unexpectedly interesting, even if numbing. MAYBE.

Antheil the Futurist.” George ANTHEIL: Var. comps. Guy Livingston, Philippe Keler, Stéphane Leach (pno). Wergo WER 6762 2 (1 CD) (

Livingston (with friends) curates a lively 1920’s menu including ironic sendups of popular forms, mechanical fantasies, premieres, etc. YES.

Healing Modes.” Matana ROBERTS: borderlands… (2018). Ludwig van BEETHOVEN: String Quartet No. 15 in A minor, Op. 132 (1825). Reena ESMAIL: Zeher (Poison) (2018). Gabriela Lena FRANK: Kanto Kechua No. 2 (2018). DU YUN: i am my own achilles heel (2018). Caroline SHAW: Schisma (2018). Brooklyn Rider: Johnny Gandelsman, Colin Jacobsen (vln), Nicholas Cords (vla), Michael Nicolas (vlc). In a Circle Records ICR014 (2 CDs) (

Pieces about healing. Check. I don’t mind the new works interrupting Beethoven’s flow, but I have trouble with the slurpy string slides. NO.


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