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Ethelbert Nevin

[December 2020.]

Kate Amrine: This is My Letter to the World.” Gemma PEACOCKE: Skin (2016/18)1. Kate AMRINE: What We Are Doing to Ourselves (2019)2; Waiting? (2020)5; We are Women (2020)10. Kevin JOEST: Thoughts and Prayers (2017)3. Niloufar NOURBAKHSH: My Body My Choice (2019)4. Jacob TER VELDHUIS: Close Fight (2015)6. Inti FIGGIS-VIZUETA: Linger (2019)7. Ruby FULTON: I’m sorry not sorry (2016)8. Jay RIZZETTO: This is My Letter to the World (2019)9. Howie KENTY: It Wasn’t Something that We Could Control (2019)11. Roberta Michel2, Leanne Friedman5 (a-fl), Ford Fourqueran7,11 (b-clar), Kate Amrine1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 (tpt), Alia Kuhnert9, Maddi Lusby9 (trp, voice), Carrie Frey2 (vla), Amanda Gookin2 (vlc), Kate Barmotina8 (vln, voice), Kyra Sims10 (narrator). Innova 042 (1 CD) (

A politically smart and timely collection of eleven works for trumpet with instruments, voices, electronics, manipulated newscasts, etc. YES.

Music with no Edges.” Samuel ANDREYEV: Vérifications (2012); Stopping (2006); Cinq pièces (2010); Passages (2005); Music with no Edges (2004); Strasbourg Quartet (2014/15). HANATSUmiroir. Kairos 0015025KAI (1 CD) (

Bustle without style disguises an absence of purpose and a bankrupt aesthetic. The measures may be filled with notes, but they are empty. NO.

Orchestral Works: Vol. 1.” Hans ROTT: Hamlet Overture (1876); Scherzo and Finale from Suite in B-flat major (1877); Orchestra Prelude in E major (1876); Prelude to Julius Caesar (1877); Prelude and Langsam from Suite in E major (1878); Pastoral Prelude in F major (1880). Gürzenich Orchester Köln, Christopher Ward (cond.). Capriccio C5408 (1 CD) (

Thin orchestral curiosities from Mahler’s short-lived contemporary and flatmate, whose language cumbersomely blends Wagner with Elgar. MAYBE.

Antonín REJCHA: Requiem (ca. 1802-08). Věnceslava Hrubá-Freiberger (sop), Anna Barová (alt), Vladimír Doležal (ten), Luděk Vele (bass), Jaroslav Tvrzský (org), Prague Philharmonic Choir, Dvořák Chamber Orchestra, Lubomir Mátl (cond.). Supraphon SU 3859-2 (1 CD) (

Composed in Vienna, a link between Mozart and Berlioz’s Requiems, fugal and majestic, missing for years, but lovingly recorded in 1988. YES.

Third Sound: Heard in Havanna.” Spencer TOPEL: Details on the Strasbourg Rosace (2014). Kati AGÓCS: Microconcerto from Immutable Dreams (2007). Ingrid ARAUCO: Fantasy-Quartet (2001). Christopher Wendell JONES: a crowd of twisted things (2011). Kai-Young CHAN: Mieko (2014). Jeremy GILL: Paean, Epitaph, and Dithyramb (2008). Amadeus REGUCERA: Inexpressible (2013). Michael HARRISON: Radians Phase II (2015). Cindy COX: quietly urgent from Wave (2009). Jennifer HIGDON: Smash (2006). Third Sound: Sooyun Kim (fl), Romie de Guise-Langlois (clar), Karen Kim (vln), Michael Nicolas (vlc), Orion Weiss (pno), Patrick Castillo (dir.). Innova 990 (1 CD) (

Documenting a 2015 concert in Havana, and like any well-intentioned delegation, a mixed bag. I came back to the Regucera and Harrison. MAYBE.

J.S. BACH: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 (1741). Lang Lang (pno). Deutsche Grammophon DG 481 9701 (4 CDs) (

DG doubles down for their star, but Lang Lang has no talent for Bach. Twice he prances and preens through BWV 988’s cabbages and turnips. NO.


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