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Ethelbert Nevin

[August 2016.]


George ONSLOW: Nonet in A minor, Op. 77 (1848). Louis SPOHR: Nonet in F Major, Op. 31 (1814). Osmosis. Ramée RAM 1007 (1 CD) (

Classical Spohr penned the first Nonet, light and lively, although Romantic Onslow’s has grandeur. Excellent ensemble balance and sound. YES.


Missy MAZZOLI: Song from the Uproar (The Lives and Deaths of Isabelle Eberhardt) (2012). Cast includes Abigail Fischer, Celine Mogielnicki, Amelia Watkins, Kate Maroney, Tomas Cruz, Peter Stewart; Now Ensemble: Sara Budde (clar, bclar), Logan Coale (cbs), Mark Dancigers (e-guit), Michael Mizrahi (pno), Alexandra Sopp (fl, picc), Steven Osgood (cond.). New Amsterdam Records NWAM042 (1 CD) (

Swiss-born adventurer/writer Eberhardt perished in a flash flood in N. Africa and warrants operatic treatment, but not such vacuous muck. NO.


Franco ALFANO: Sonata in D for Violin and Piano (1923)1; Piano Quintet in A-flat major (1945) 2; Nenia and Scherzino for Violin and Piano (1933; arr. Enrico PIERANGELI, 1935) 3. Elmira Darvarova1,2,3, Mary Ann Mumm2 (vln), Craig Mumm2 (vla), Samuel Magill2 (vlc), Scott Dunn1,2,3 (pno). Naxos 8.572753 (1 CD) (

Lovely anti-Modernist slush: The grand violin Sonata could be Franck or Ravel. The billowing mid-century Quintet is dreamily Romantic. MAYBE.


Dmitri SHOSTAKOVICH: Hamlet, Op. 116 / 116a (1964). Russian Philharmonic Orchestra, Dmitry Yablonsky (cond.). Naxos 8.557446 (1 CD) (

Darkly contoured, the total film score adds 15 more numbers to the eight-movement Suite. Refined playing of this acidic, sinister music. YES.


Allan PETTERSSON: Symphony No. 13 (1976). Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, Christian Lindberg (cond.). BIS 2190 (1 SACD) (

The NSO under Lindberg find their stride in one of the more cogent even if difficult and dispiriting symphonies Pettersson coughed up. MAYBE.


Edvard GRIEG: Symphony, EG 119 (1863-64); Old Norwegian Romance with Variations, Op. 51 (1890; arr. 1906); Three Orchestral Pieces fromSigurd Jorsalfar,’ Op. 56 (1872; arr. 1892). Malmö Symphony Orchestra, Bjarte Engeset (cond.). Naxos 8.557991 (1 CD) (

The “must never be performed” neophyte Symphony interests far more than the bland Variations and blatantly nationalistic Three Pieces. MAYBE.


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