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Ethelbert Nevin

[May 2020.]

ReComposed.” Matthias ARFMANN: Var. pieces (2005). DG 00289 477 5763 (2 CDs, including a disc of the unmutilated originals) (

Excruciating beats. One of the absolute worst ideas DG ever fashioned. Karajan and the Berlin Phil escape with mild scarring and bruises. NO.

Sticklip.” BEC PLEXUS: Var. songs (2020). New Amsterdam Records NWAM131 (1 CD) (

Quirky and creepy solo vocals over unpredictable rhythms, plus actively intruding electronics and various nicely bundled distractions. MAYBE.

In Search of Tarkovsky.” MINÓY: In Search of Tarkovsky (1986); Memory Undefined (Dream as truth) (1986). Cold Spring Records CSR273CD (1 CD) (

Reissued from cassette media, the title homage contemplates unfulfilled visions. The B-side’s dream is more agitated and atmospheric. MAYBE.

Echos +.” Beatriz FERREYRA: Echos (1978); L’autre… Ou le chant des Marecages (1987); L’autre Rive (2007). Room40 RM4114 (1 LP, download) (

Echos is an elegant memorial to the composer’s niece using just her voice. The “other” pieces travel towards the Styx and roost nearby. YES.

L’Art de l’étude.” Pierre SCHAEFFER: Étude Pathétique (1948); Étude aux allures (1958); First movement from Étude aux objets (1959). Monique ROLLIN: Étude vocale (1952). Michel PHILIPPOT: Étude N°1 (1952). Philippe ARTHUYS: Boîte à musique (1955). Luc FERRARI: Étude aux sons tendus (1958); Étude floue (1958); Étude aux accidents (1958). François-Bernard MÂCHE: Prélude (1959). Mireille CHAMASS-KYROU: Étude 1 (1960). Ivo MALEC: Reflets (1961). Philippe CARSON: Phonologie (1962). Akira TAMBA: Étude N°2 (1962). Beatriz FERREYRA: Mer d’Azov (1960). Alain SAVOURET: Étude aux sons réalistes (1969); Étude numérique (1985). INA_C 1032 (1 CD) (

Taken from a 5-disc set, these perky tape etudes started it all. From Schaeffer to Savouret: When analogue ruled and shorter was better. YES.

Solar Wind.” Joëlle LÉANDRE, Robert DICK and Miya MASAOKA: Var. comps (2018). Robert Dick (fls, voice), Joëlle Léandre (cbs, voice), Miya Masaoka (koto, perc). Not Two Records MW 986-2 (1 CD) (

Three smart players admired elsewhere, here caught improvising in 2018. It’s energetic, but sloppy, rushed, obscure and deeply frivolous. NO.



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