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Ethelbert Nevin

[February 2019.]

Louis ANDRIESSEN: Anaïs Nin (2009-10). Cristina Zavalloni (voice), Nieuw Amsterdams Peil: David Kweksilber, Michiel van Dijk (sax, clar), Ron Schaaper (hn), Gertjan Loot (tpt), Niels Meliefste (perc), Gerard Bouwhuis (pno), Heleen Hulst (vln), Dario Calderone (cbs). Carine BIJLSMA: Never a Dull Moment: Louis Andriessen componeert Anaïs Nin (2011). Attaca DVD 2011.127 (1 DVD) (

An uncomfortable and explicit melodrama (ennui, lovers, incest) inelegantly filmed. Zavalloni squirms unmoved; the brash score is frigid. NO.


Steve ELCOCK: Symphony No. 3, Op. 16 (2005-10); Choses renversées par le temps ou la destruction, Op. 20 (2013); Festive Overture, Op. 7 (1997). Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Paull Mann (cond.). Toccata Classics TOCC0400 (1 CD) (

A powerful first release of the formerly unknown composer, spanning easy charm (Overture) and commanding pensiveness (Symphony, Choses). YES.

Louise Dumont FARRENC: Piano Trio No. 1 in E-flat major, Op. 33 (1843); Piano Trio No. 2 in D minor, Op. 34 (1850-55). Mary Ellen Haupert (pno), Nancy Oliveros (vln), Laura Sewell (vlc). Centaur Records CRC 3435 (1 CD) (

Wonderful trios bridging Beethoven and Brahms. No. 2’s Variations is a highpoint. But this group could have rocked it a tiny bit more. MAYBE.

Wunderkammer.” Samuel CAPRICORNUS: Sonata a8 in A minor. Adam DRESE: Sonata a6 in C major. Johann Philipp KRIEGER: Sonata a4 in F major. Andreas OSWALD: Sonata a3 in E minor. Antonio BERTALI: Sonata a2 in A minor. Daniel EBERLIN: Sonata a2 in E minor, “La Eminenza.” Philipp Jakob RITTLER: Sonata a5 in F major. Georg PISCATOR: Sonata a7 in A minor. Alessandro POGLIETTI: Sonata a8 in A minor. Clemens THIEME: Sonata a8 in C major. Acronym: Edwin Huizinga, Johanna Novom, Beth Wenstrom (vln), Adriane Post (vln, vla), Kyle Miller (vla), Loren Ludwig (viols), Kivie Cahn-Lipman (viol, vlc, lirone), Paul Dwyer (vlc), Doug Balliett (violone), Daniel Swenberg (theorbo), Elliot Figg (hpsi, org). New Focus Recordings FCR906 (1 CD) (

This flexible string ensemble presents poised and vibrant cases for 10 rediscovered sonatas from seventeenth-century German collections. YES.

Hommage à Penderecki.” Krzysztof PENDERECKI: La Follia (2013)1; Duo concertante (2010)2; Sonata No. 2 for violin and piano (1999)3; Metamorphosen, Violin Concerto No. 2 (1992-95)4. Anne-Sophie Mutter1,2,3,4 (vln), Roman Patkoló2 (cbs), Lambert Orkis3 (pno), London Symphony Orchestra4, Krzysztof Penderecki4 (cond.). DG 0289 483 5163 3 (2 CDs) (

A special rebundling of items Penderecki (who turned 85 in 2018) wrote for Mutter, aggressively tackled despite meager modernist heft. MAYBE.

Recomposed by Peter Gregson: Bach – The Cello Suites.” J.S. BACH: The Cello Suites, BWV 1007-1012 (ca. 1717-23; arr. Peter GREGSON, 2018). Richard Harwood, Reinoud Ford, Tim Lowe, Ben Chappell, Katherine Jenkinson (vlc), Peter Gregson (synthesizer, vlc). DG 0289 483 5529 7 (2 CDs or 3 LPs) (

Absolutely dreadful. DG, what gives? I’d rather be buried alive in a pit with Max Richter, Jóhannsson, or Karl Jenkins. A THOUSAND TIMES NO.


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