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Ethelbert Nevin

[September 2022.]

William BOLCOM: Trio for Horn, Violin and Piano (2017)1; Suite No. 2 for Solo Violin (2011)2. Steven Gross1 (hrn), Philip Ficsor1,2 (vln), Constantine Finehouse1 (pno). Naxos 8.579102 (1 CD) (

It sure ain’t Brahms: Poor balance clouds the violin in the unimpressive Trio. A nine-part Suite wraps this disappointing 40-minute disc. NO.

Orchestral Music, Volume One.” Jan NOVÁK: Concerto for Piano and String Orchestra (1949)1; Concerto for Oboe and Chamber Orchestra (1952)2; Concentus biiugius for piano four hands and string orchestra (1977)3. Vilém Veverka2 (ob), Alice Rajnohová1, Lucie Schinzelová3, Kristýna Znamenáčková3 (pno), Ensemble Opera Diversa1,2,3, Gabriela Tardonová1,2,3 (cond.). Toccata Classics TOCC0551 (1 CD) (

Three Neo-Classical pieces by Novák (1921-84) start obligingly from Martinů but may add duskier hues or proceed in ribald directions. MAYBE.

Duel.” Elizabeth HINKLE-TURNER: Spellbound (2006; rev. 2015). Molly JOYCE: Attack and Sustain (2020). Riikka TALVITIE: Seireenietydi (2006). Minna LEINONEN: Pheme (2011; rev. 2021). Nina SHEKHAR: Honk if you Love Me (2018). Jovanka TRBOJEVIC: Le fantôme du vent (1999). Maija HYNNINEN: Earthship (2015)*. Carolyn BORCHERDING: Frenetic Disintegration (2018). Lucy Abrams-Husso (clar, b-clar), Eva Trygg* (fl), Aleksi Trygg* (vln), Sirja Nironen* (vlc), Antti Ohenoja* (perc), Martin Malmgren* (pno), Janne Valkeajoki* (cond.), Tuukka Tervo (sound design). Siba Records SRCD1028 (2 CDs) (

An eight-part double set with bold pieces for clarinet (or bass clarinet) plus electronics (Earthship adds more) for every temperament. YES.

The Expanded Body.” Alessandro PERINI: Space / Spectrum (2017)1; Intorno alla traccia (2017-20)2; On that day my left ear became a frog (2018)3; Epicentro (2020)4; Steel string quartet (2016)5; Rondò (2020)6; N-S (2017)7. Simone Beneventi1 (kalimba), Ars Nova Ensemble1: Alessandro Perini, Jonatan Sersam, Francesco Del Nero (toy piano), Natalie Eriksson2 (clar), Marco Fusi3 (vln), Irene Bianco4 (pno), Stanislas Pili5, Vincent Caers5, Nagisa Shibata5, Oded Geizhals5 (perc), Ruben Mattia Santorsa6 (e-guit), Duo Dillon-Torquati7: Francesco Dillon (vlc), Emanuele Torquati (pno). Kairos 0015061KAI (1 CD) (

At the frontier of sounds: Instruments and their humans with added gadgets, like a different bow, automated keys, or motorized tuners. MAYBE.

Relationships.” Elizabeth MACONCHY: Violin Sonata No. 2 (1943); Violin Sonata No. 1 (1927). Nicola LeFANU: Abstracts and a Frame (1971). Giles SWAYNE: Duo, Op. 20 (1975); Echo, Op. 78 (1997); Farewell, Op. 151 (2017). Malu Lin (vln), Giles Swayne (pno). Resonus RES10271 (1 CD) (

Bracingly modern violin-plus-piano works reflect a non-trivial vein of British style (a family actually: mother, daughter and cousin). YES.

Intonations.” Derek BERMEL: Intonations (2016)1; Ritornello (2011)2; Thracian Sketches (2003)3; Violin Etudes (2009-16)4; A Short History of the Universe (as related by Nima Arkani-Hamed) (2013)5. Derek Bermel3,5 (clar), Christopher Otto4 (vln), Wiek Hijmans2 (e-guit), JACK Quartet: Christopher Otto1,2,5, Austin Wulliman1, Ari Streisfeld2,5 (vln), John Pickford Richards1,2,5 (vla), Jay Cambell1, Kevin McFarland2,5 (vlc). Naxos 8.559912 (1 CD) (

Wide ranging things spied before, perhaps with more direction or resolve. Still, the JACK foursome imitating a harmonica is pretty neat. NO.


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