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Ethelbert Nevin

[October 2014.]

The curmudgeon is back, but sees light at the end of the tunnel.


Besides Feldman.” Patrick PULSINGER / Pamelia KURSTIN / Hilary JEFFERY / Rozemarie HEGGEN: Var. comps. Rozemarie Heggen (cbs), Hilary Jeffery (trb), Pamelia Kurstin (theremin), Patrick Pulsinger (modular synthesizer). col legno WWE 1CD 20298 (1 CD) (

Where else but col legno? Four improvisers with instruments and electronics toss relaxed noises in Morton Feldman’s general direction. MAYBE.


Thomas ZINTL: Classical Music and Cold War: Musicians in the GDR (2009). Arthaus Musik 101 655 (1 DVD) (

A wall rises and a new country’s musical life appears to flourish. Despite the vignettes, this patchwork confuses more than it explains. NO.


Peter BOYER: Celebration Overture (1997; rev. 2001); Festivities (2011); Silver Fanfare (2004); Symphony No. 1 (2012-13); Three Olympians (2000). London Philharmonic Orchestra, Peter Boyer (cond.). Naxos 8.559769 (1 CD) (

Set for strings, the godly trio varies most. Otherwise syrup: Peaks are climbed, clouds pass, and rosy vistas pop into view. Bah humbug! NO.


Stanze.” Ludovico EINAUDI: Var. comps. Cecilia Chailly (hrp). Decca 3792413 (1 CD) (

If already an Einaudi adherent, then this reissue is a delicacy. Otherwise, you’ll drown beneath watery, electronically abetted harp. NO WAY.


Nicholas MAW: Odyssey (1972-1987). City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Simon Rattle (cond.). EMI CDS 7 54277 2 (2 CDs) (

Famously long-limbed, Maw’s quasi-tonal epic stocks a well-appointed station on the winding back road between Bruckner and Pettersson. MAYBE.


Franz LISZT: Via Crucis (1878-79). Netherlands Chamber Choir, Reinbert de Leeuw (pno, cond.). Philips 416 649-2 (1 CD) (

Among Abbé Liszt’s devotional, harmonically vague and introspective late works, this sparse piano with occasional chorus is an exemplar. YES.


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