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Ethelbert Nevin

[May 2014.]


George ANTHEIL: A Jazz Symphony (1925); Ballet pour Instruments Mécaniques et Percussion (1924, ed. Paul LEHRMAN, 1999). Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Gil Rose (cond.). BMOP/sound 1033 (1 SACD) (

With Disklaviers and MIDI, BMOP recreates Antheil’s clangorous and insistent but unemotional ballet. This will not relieve migraines. YES.


Fazıl SAY: Symphony No. 2, “Mesopotamia,” Op. 38 (2011)1; Symphony No. 3, “Universe,Op. 43 (2012)2. Carolina Eyck1,2 (theremin), Çağatay Akyol1 (b-recorder), Bülent Evcil1 (b-fl), Aykut Köselerli2 (perc), Fazıl Say1 (pno), Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra, Gürer Aykal (cond.). Naïve V5346 (1 CD) (

Say’s orchestral flair expresses true and tragic metaphors for the Middle East. Universe’s exotic percussion embraces the great beyond. YES.


Kara KARAYEV: The Seven Beauties Ballet Suite (1953); The Path of Thunder Ballet Suite No. 2 (1958). Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Dmitry Yablonsky (cond.). Naxos 8.573122 (1 CD) (

Romantic yet eclectic like Schnittke or Shostakovich’s populist works. Didn’t Ernie Kovacs use music from Seven Beauties? Finely played. YES.


Kevin PUTS: If I were a swan (2012)1; To touch the sky (2012)2; Symphony No. 4, “From Mission San Juan” (2007)3. Conspirare1,2, Craig Hella Johnson1,2 (cond.), Baltimore Symphony Orchestra3, Marin Alsop3 (cond.). Harmonia Mundi HMU 907580 (1 CD) (

Nice a cappella settings and a tuneful symphony predictably affirming at its close. Should this be your thing, don’t let me stop you. NO.


Le sacre du printemps: 100th Anniversary Collection.” Igor STRAVINSKY: The Rite of Spring (1913). Var. orchs, var. conds. Sony Classical 88725461742 (10 CDs) (

Ten rites make a wrong. Other than the original album covers cutely miniaturized as CD sleeves, here’s a silly “Glorification de l’élue.” NO.


Alan BUSH: Dance Overture (1930, rev. 1935); Symphony No. 4, “Lascaux,” Op. 98 (1982-83); Dorian Passacaglia and Fugue, Op. 52 (1959). Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Martin Yates (cond.). Dutton Epoch CDLX 7294 (1 CD) (

Unfairly skipped because of his unpopular Communist beliefs, these competent orchestral items suggest we weren’t missing all that much. NO.


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