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Ethelbert Nevin

[April 2022.]

Robert MORAN: Buddha goes to Bayreuth (2011/2014). Stefan Görgner (c-ten), KammerChor KlangsCala Salzburg, Stuttgarter Kammerorchester, Rupert Huber (cond.). Neuma 136 (1 CD) (

The reverberant Salzburg cathedral captures I Ching distributed Parsifal chords. Perhaps the Buddha has always been a Bayreuth resident? YES.

Wohin?Zoltán JENEY: Wohin? 2013 (2013)1; Heraclitus in H (1980)2; Heraclitian Teardrop (2013)3; Heraclitus Adverbial (1997)4; “which half is never the same?” (2013)5; Consolazione (something lost: echo) (2001)6; Songs of Innocence and Experience (1996-97; rev. 2012)7; Pavane (2007)8. MR Symphony Orchestra1,8, MR Choir1, Zoltán Kocsis1,8 (cond.), Gábor Csalog2,3,4,6 (pno), Krulik String Quartet5, György Déri6 (vlc), Pila Komsi7 (sop). Budapest Music Center Records BMC CD 240 (1 CD) (

An ungainly collection of enigmatic pieces, profuse with canons. The orchestral items (Wohin? and Pavane) astonish, but not the solos. MAYBE.

Anamorphosis.” Paweł ŁUKOWIEC: Children’s Miniatures: Soldier’s March, Cat’s Sleep Behind a Stove, Dance of Marionettes (2005)1; Impressions (1993)2; Passimofon (2007)3; Ave Maria (2008)4; So Little of You (2008?)5; Breviary IV (2008?)6; Pieta (2008)7; Anamorphosis 1 (2017?)8; Anamorphosis 2 (2018)9. Marek Mizera1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 (pno), Urszula Kryger4,5,6,7 (m-sop), Camerata Scholarum Strings9, Wojciech Zdyb9 (cond.). Dux 1661 (1 CD) (

Ironic children’s pieces and art songs precede the somber Anamorphosis series. Can wrong-note tonality be the most devious modern music? NO.

Allan PETTERSSON: Six Songs (1935); Barefoot Songs (1943-45). Peter Mattei (bar), Bengt-Åke Lundin (pno). BIS-2584 (1 CD) (

Less oppressive than the symphonies, Pettersson nonetheless uncorks a vein of bittersweet melancholy. Finely sung, however wearying. MAYBE.


Faradzh KARAEV: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (2004)1; “Vingt ans après – Nostalgie…” (2009)2. Patricia Kopatchinskaja1 (vln), Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra1, Rauf Abullayev1 (cond.), Russian State Symphony Capella2, Valery Polyansky2 (cond.). Paladino PMR 0070 (1 CD) (

The concerto quotes and dissembles. The quasi symphony captivates and perplexes: Does it update an earlier work or look onto the abyss? YES.

Musica Ritrovata.” Gianluca VERLINGIERI: Élegos IV (2005; rev. 2017)1; Schubert-Fragmente (2006-07)2; Shift (2008)3; Alchymiae. Ricercari on “Ave Maris Stella” (2009)4; IronicOnirico (2010)5; Four Songs for a Mad Composer (2015)6; Labirinti della memoria (2004–2005)7; Vintage Passacaglia (2019)8; Ghedini-Fragmente (2015)9. Michele Marelli1 (basset hrn), Trio Debussy2,9: Piergiorgio Rosso (vln), Francesca Gosio (vlc), Antonio Valentino (pno), Ghenadie Rotari3 (accordion), Simone Beneventi4 (vibr), Emanuele Torquati4 (pno), Michele Lomuto5 (augmented tenor trombone), Quartetto Lyskamm6: Cecilia Ziano, Clara Franziska Schötensack (vln), Francesca Piccioni (vla), Giorgio Casati (vlc), Gianluca Cascioli7 (pno), Bálint Karosi8 (baroque organ). NEOS 12126 (1 CD) (

Music which refers to other music can be coy or cute, but rarely does it fall flat so fully that we wonder what the point of it all was. NO.


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