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Ethelbert Nevin 

[March 2018.]

Antonio Farina: Serenate Napoletane.” Antonio FARINA: Sovra carro stellato (ca. 1660-1690)*; Di Pausilippo (ca. 1690-1710)*; Riposa, o bella (ca. 1690-1710)*. Pietro MARCHITELLI: Sonata I (ca. 1700); Sonata IX (ca. 1700). Alessandro SCARLATTI: Concerto XXIII (ca. 1725)**. Andréanne Paquin* (sop), Anna Stegmann** (recorder), Ensemble Odyssee, Andrea Friggi (cond.). Pan Classics PC 10287 (1 CD).

Reintroducing the prolific Antonio Farina; imagine a dramatic early 18th-century Neapolitan festival performed in fancy dress on barges. YES.

Gottfried von EINEM: Streichquartett No. 2, Op. 51 (1977); Streichquartett No. 4, Op. 63 (1981). Artis-Quartett. Orfeo C 098 201 A (1 CD) (

Von Einem, famous for dramatic stage works, has imprisoned Beethoven in a time machine and feeds him a dissonant purée of R. Strauss. MAYBE.

All Things Majestic.” Jennifer HIGDON: Viola Concerto (2014)1; Oboe Concerto (2005) 2; All Things Majestic (2011) 3. Roberto Diáz1 (vla), James Button2 (ob), Nashville Symphony1,2,3, Giancarlo Guerrero1,2,3 (cond.). Naxos 8.559823 (1 CD) (

Nice viola and oboe soloists; however, the limp and regressive conservatism is extremely infuriating. We left 1970 a couple of years ago. NO.

Les Forqueray ou les tourments de l’âme” (The Forquerays, or the Torments of the Soul). Antoine FORQUERAY / Jean-Baptiste FORQUERAY: Pièces de Viole mises en Pièces de Clavecin (1747); Trois pièces from the Manuscrit de Lille (ca. 1700); Quatre pièces from the Recueil de pièces de violle avec la basse tiré des meilleurs autheurs (ca. 1700). Jean-Philippe RAMEAU: Le Forqueray from Pièces de clavecin en concerts (1741). Ana GIURGIU-BONDUE: Carillons pour Forqueray (2014?). Charles-François CLÉMENT: excerpts from Sonates en trio pour un clavecin et un violon (1743). François COUPERIN: La Forqueray from Troisième livre de pièces de clavecin: Ordre XVII (1722). Josse BOUTMY: La Forcroy from Premier livre de pièces de clavecin (1738). Louis-Antoine DORNEL: La Forcroy from Sonates à violon seul et suites pour la flûte traversière avec la basse, Op. 2, No. 4 (1711). Pierre-Alain BRAYE-WEPPE: Tombeau de Forqueray (2014?). Jacques DUPHLY: La Forqueray from Pièces de clavecin, Livre 3 (1756). Claude-François RAMEAU: La Forcray from Premiere Suitte (ca. 1750-1770). Michèle Dévérité, Robert Kohnen (hpsi), Kaori Uemura, Ricardo Rodríguez Miranda (viola da gamba), Ryo Terakado (vln). Harmonia Mundi 905286 (4 CDs + 1 DVD) (

All extant Forqueray pieces, with others’ works dedicated to father or son. But why is the viol added just here and there in the Suites?! NO.

Ambrose FIELD: Being Dufay (2007). John Potter (ten), Ambrose Field (electronics). ECM 2071 (1 CD) (

Entombed in a space-age apse, murky electronic gurgling underpins ex-Hilliard Ensemble Potter’s lithe tenor in Guillaume Dufay scraps. MAYBE.

Re: ECM.” Ricardo VILLALOBOS and Max LODERBAUER: Var. comps. (2009). Ricardo Villalobos, Max Loderbauer (electronics). ECM 2211/12 (2 CDs) (

Fairly cool rummaging and remixing of other ECM artists and tracks, mostly jazz or similarly smooth creations. Unexpectedly interesting. YES.


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