Used Bin Troll Tweets A.

Ethelbert Nevin

[May 2013.]

Sparked in part by Record Store Day, for value shoppers and collectors, the limited inventory hiding in the few remaining used-CD stores only heightens searching beyond junk. We’re all online anyway, ogling and bidding on scarcities we can’t see and touch. Here are notes from recent field trips whittled down to the requisite 140-character tweet including a VERDICT. L8r.

newworldrecords_80728 newworldrecords_80670

Granular Modality.” Earl HOWARD: Bird 3 (2006)1; Crupper (2009)2; 2455 (2009)3; Strasser 60 (2009)4. Earl Howard1,2,4 (synthesizer, live processing), Miya Masaoka2 (koto), Earl Howard3 (a-sax). New World Records 80728-2 (

Clepton.” Earl HOWARD: Clepton (2006)1; Improvisation (2006)2; Rosebud (1989)3. Earl Howard1,2,3 (synthesizer, live processing), Gerry Hemingway1,2,3 (perc), Georg Graewe1,2 (pno), Ernst Reijseger1,2 (vlc). New World Records 80670-2 (

Blending jazz and live electronics, it’s a darned shame Howard’s 2006 Donaueschinger commission isn’t in NEOS’ yearbooks. Seek either. YES.


The NYFA Collection: 25 Years of New York New Music.” Var comps. Var performers. Innova 233 (5 CDs) (

Busy anthology of NY beads and beards in case you missed the first time ’round. MAYBE, unless you’re related to one of the participants.


David COPE: Concerto after Rachmaninoff (2003)1; Suite after Rachmaninoff (1993)2. John Mark Harris1, Maria Ezerova2, Anatole Leitkin2 (pno), Orchestra Nova1, Jon Marshall1 (cond.). Centaur CRC 2888 (1 CD) (

Let the Rachy lovers on your list know how you really feel. Cope’s computer imitation is no clammier than Villa-Lobos or Respighi. NO.


Alfred SCHNITTKE: Sketches (1978, 1985). Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra, Andrey Chistiakov (cond.). Brilliant Classics 9215 (1 CD) (

“Between boulevard and cemetery,” Schnittke’s expertly mischievous polystylism (plus harpsichord and guitar) scores Gogol mini-ballets. YES.


Philip GLASS: Symphony No. 9 (2010-11). Bruckner Orchester Linz, Dennis Russell Davies (cond.). Orange Mountain Music OMM0081 (1 CD) (

This non-monumental Ninth’s central torso strives epically, but I and III seem mild because they start and end quietly. MAYBE unless a fan.


John CAGE: Seven (1988); Quartets I-VIII (1976). Orchester Jakobsplatz München, Daniel Grossman (cond.). NEOS 10720 (1 SACD) (

Cage’s I Ching pruned Colonial hymns for Quartets I-VIII, producing melancholy beauty for the bicentennial. Seven’s equally mysterious. YES.


Jesús TORRES: Manantial de luz (2007)1; Poética (2007)2; Trio (2001)3; Presencias (2002)4; Decem (2006)5. Trio Arbós: Juan Carlos Garvayo1,2,3,4,5 (pno), Miguel Borrego1,2,3,5 (vln), José Miguel Gómez1,2,3,5 (vlc); Cécile Daroux1 (fl), José Luis Estellés1,2 (clar), Paul Cortese1 (vla), Juanjo Guillem1 (perc). Kairos 0013012KAI (1 CD) (

Kairos’ consistently fine packaging offers Torres’ sparkly modernism. What else sits between Messiaen and Piazzolla? The letters N and O: NO.


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