The Musical Moment

David Witten

[December 2005.]

Central Park. New York, 1997.

Statehood Day in Lithuania. Vilnius, 2005.

Street Musician. Vilnius, 2005.

Street Musician. Vilnius, 2005.

Street Musician. Jerusalem, 2000.

Old City Marketplace. Jerusalem, 2000.

The Great Hall. Moscow, 2002.

The Western Wall. Montclair, NJ, 2005.

Gina’s Percussion Recital. Montclair, 2005.

Walter Hautzig in Rehearsal. Montclair, 2005.

[Pianist David Witten, an Associate Professor of Music at Montclair State University in New Jersey who never leaves his camera at home, has concertized in 16 countries. In Budapest 2004, his solo photography exhibition opened on the day of his solo piano recital. Witten is encouraging the rumor that he is fluent in Portuguese, Hebrew, and Russian. The polyglot pianist-photographer can be reached through his website,, or by email:]

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