La Folia’s New Look

[Purely for completeness, we keep this little note around. Here we remark upon the last time we updated our site. My goodness, over 10 years ago! G.C.C.]

[December 2002.]

If you’ve visited La Folia before, perhaps you’ve noticed a new look. In the words of Managing Editor Grant Chu Covell, the young man who keeps us on an even keel across these cyber-deeps, “Lean and simple loads faster and bends better with the times.”

To be desired, certainly, but it was Walt Mundkowsky, La Folia’s meticulous text editor, who plumped for a simpler page. And what better time? La Folia and Madrigal Audio Labs, our recent sponsor, have parted ways. We thank the folks at Madrigal for their cheerful support. With respect to what gets posted since our webzine’s inception, La Folia has done pretty much as it pleases. We hope to continue along these loosely strung lines with even greater élan.

Which brings us to our readers, no few of whom have fascinating things to say about music and its trappings. We’re open to suggestions. Please don’t be shy.

[For fun we’ve kept a few “pictures” of our prior look. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge. But don’t try to click on the links in the pictures.]


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