Enthusiasms Updated

[Several dogs’ ages ago I began trimming my poems down to what I judged to be their essence, and further still. Our colleague Walt seems to be on a similar track. Looking toward developments with no little anxiety, Ed.]

Enthusiasms Updated

Walt Mundkowsky

[April 2009.]

Cover of Oehms Classics OC 704

Works for Piano Duo.” Olivier MESSIAEN: Visions de l’Amen (1943). Ludwig van BEETHOVEN: Grosse Fuge, Op. 134 (1826). Duo d’Accord (Lucia Huang, Sebastian Euler, pnos). Oehms Classics OC 704 ( Distributed in the US by Naxos (

My pitch on the piano-four hands Grosse Fuge is here. Duo d’Accord plays as one: those hammered G’s, chordal strikes, trills. A fleet 14:09.


Amen’s execution also delights; birdsong (Amen V), chimes (VII) and thunder (VI) are all present and correct. Mystical transport? I waited.

Cover of Gauedeamus CD GAU 352

Pierre de LA RUE: Requiem (1503?). Antoine BRUMEL: Requiem (c. 1500). The Clerks’ Group, Edward Wickham (dir.). Gaudeamus CD GAU 352 ( Distributed in the US by Koch Entertainment (

See my survey of nine previous La Rue Requiems here. Despite a draggy start, Wickham rules. Sicut cervus is heaven; Lux aeterna shines.


Brumel’s stays close to the chant, so it flows better than La Rue’s vivid blocks (as it lacks their contrasts). A Dies irae sets this apart.


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