Acoustic Revive’s Triple-C Finemet Interconnects and Triple-C SPC Reference Speaker Cables

Mike Silverton

[January 2015.]


Acoustic Revive’s Triple-C Finemet interconnects and Reference Triple-C speaker cables have replaced Nordost’s original Valhalla interconnects and Tyr speaker cables. Time after time, nothing compared with Nordost, including – as good as they are – earlier Acoustic Revives. The Valhallas’ transparency, resolution and detail are legend. The Triple-C cables work their magic by diverting one’s awareness to flat-out tactility.

I suspect that metallurgy accounts for the difference. Triple-C (Continuous Crystal Construction) involves an elaborate process. It’s been compared to the blade of a Samurai sword, which I take to mean a Damascene process of successive foldings. For business reasons, Furukawa ceased manufacturing PCOCC (the Ohno Continuous Casting method, i.e., long crystal) 4N-grade copper wire.

One of PCOCC’s original developers took the process a step beyond. Triple-C copper, also 4N-grade, i.e., of 99.996 purity, is fabricated in such a way that alien substances of 20 microns or more are removed, which permits the wire to be drawn to a 10-micron thinness for specialized applications. (A human hair is a good deal thicker.) In terms of audio, Triple-C presents a dielectric constant of 101.5 IACS%, along with its capacity for absorbing vibration by way of its millefeuille structure (think of phyllo pastry). For further information:


Finemet beads, a Hitachi development exclusive in audio to AR Triple-C interconnects, are noise-and-vibration-reduction devices. For information, see page 27 of Finemet beads sit at the three pins of my review pair’s XLR’s connectors. For descriptions and illustrations:

Together, the cables’ sense of presence delights: seemingly limitless highs of exemplary purity, an abundantly detailed, harmonically rich midrange and remarkably well-disciplined lows that somewhat surprise given the speaker cable’s relatively slender single-core wire. It puts to the lie as effectively as anything I’ve heard that you need stout conductors to deliver effective bass.

With respect to these cables, Gertrude Stein’s “There’s no there there” might well be paraphrased as “There’s a world of there there.”

* * *

RCA-1.0 Triple-C Finemet Single-Core Line Cable, $2475/meter; $815 additional half-meter
XLR-1.0 Triple-C Finemet Single-Core Line Cable, $2750/meter; $925 additional half-meter
Triple-C SPC Reference speaker cables, $1995 / meter; $995 additional half-meter
Acoustic Revive:
US Distributor:; phone: 415-897-8884.


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